Galway Bay Bakery

The Fahy Family. Baking in Finavarra, New Quay, Clare since 1998

Bakery has always been a life style option for us, it has given us the opportunity to live and work in New Quay on the Wild Atlantic coast and develop craft and tradition while raising our family.

Since 1998 we have thought and re-thought, developed and re-developed, our bagels (and will do so again due to the nature of craft). We have tried multiple approaches to selling and at the end of the day we have found what works best is farmers markets as it allows the shortest time between bakery and customer. And now our shop in Gort.

So while that works for us it has left some customers who don't live in our vicinity unable to get our bagels and for that we are sorry. So what we are thinking of doing is shipping bagels from the Bakery overnight around the country.



Send us your order by e-mail to

And we'll ship them out over night as part of out Tuesday to Saturday bake.


"Just arrived. Fresh as a daisy, and as delicious as ever :-) " Nick in Dublin

"Arrived in perfect condition. " Susan in Cork

"My flavour- ometers tell me that they are as yum as ever." Kerry in Cork

"Thank you so much for these delicious bagels. They arrived at 12 o clock this morning and are in great condition! Just like I remember them I couldn't be happier " Fiona Wicklow

"got the bagels, having one in the farm centre with a cuppa, absolutely gorgeous and really fresh!" Fiona Dublin

Our bagels, pretzels and breads are made from scratch with all natural ingredients. No Additives, No Preservatives.


Cinnamon Raisin, Chocolate, Pizza, Plain, Wheat, Jalapeno Cheddar, Onion, Everything Garlic, Poppy, Sesame, Multi-seed, Rye and Cranberry/Rosemary.

Ingredients: flour, malt, yeast, sunflower oil, salt, water.

Bagels are low fat, we use a dash of sunflower oil to improve shelf life and that's it. As for the different types, in addition to the ingredients above, the Cinnamon Raisin has Cinnamon and raisins, the Cranberry Rosemary has cranberries and rosemary, the Jalapeno Cheddar has Jalapeno's and cheddar melted on it, you get the idea...Bagels should be consumed within 3 days of purchase. If you tend to keep them for longer we recommend you place the bag in the freezer. Because we don't use dairy or eggs in the dough they are ideal for freezing. And they will last for weeks bagged in the freezer. From there they can be microwaved (30-60 seconds just enough so you can slice) and then toasted lightly.

Let us know if we are missing your favorite bagel type. As long as it has no eggs, nuts or dairy we'll have a go at it. (

We appreciate your support and feedback.

Martina, Carl, Cillian, Dillon, Hannah and Tommy Fahy.

Look out for us:

Bridge Street, Gort , Tuesday to Saturday 9-3:30

Galway Nicholas Street Market on Saturday.

Kinvara Farmers Market on Friday.